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Salvador: the center of the Afro-Brazilian culture in Brazil ... Beaches, hotels, brazilian girls,  women, carnival & photos of Salvador de Bahia , Brazil 

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil : Salvador de Bahia was first capital of Brazil, from 1549 up to 1763, when the capital moved to Rio de Janeiro. Until today the two cities compete to see who attracts more national and foreign tourists.....

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   The charm of Salvador, Brazil...fall in love with this brazilian city
But Salvador has a trump card that no other Brazilian city has: their explicit connections with Africa. The Afro-Brazilian culture is in the air of Salvador. With 80% of the black population, the city is one in the world which preserves the colors and sounds of their ancestral slaves' continent. The impact of the religion, in yards or churches; the jew's harp and blows ritmados that give the tone of the capoeira music; and the sympathy of the baianos (Salvador Bahia natives) in chubby ways, serving the tidbits to the base of palm oil, pepper and coconut milk, they make the tourist to recall the whole time: yes, that is Bahia. .

Hotels in Salvador Bahia, Brazil.
Migliori hotels in Salvador: Hotel Convento do Carmo Rua do Carmo 1 –  (Santo Antonio Salvador) Tel: +55 (71) 3327–8400  

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  In the slopes of the Pelourinho, -Salvador de Bahia- postcard of the city and the humanity's patrimony, before the big houses that began to be restored in the decade of 1990, the simple people smile, same before the difficulties. And probe to survive, as a street vendor, with their small business. Everything there is memory, of a book, a film, a music, a history. Jorge Amado Red Rio, Joăo Ubaldo Ribeiro Itaparica, the City Lowers of the lines without shame of Carybé, Itapuă of Caymmi, Caetano's nostalgia and Gil and to Daniela Mercury's Carnival and so many other. Music in Salvador, Brazil: The baiano is legitimate heir of the happiness and of the rhythm. The African drums that give the tone in blocks afro are the same ones that resound at the church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos and in the more than 200 candomblé yards of the city. The city has the colors and the smell of a distant Africa, and became unique.

 What to visit in Salvador: the famous historical center, called Centro Historico de Salvador de Bahia, the Cidade Baixa sector, the famous Pelurinho, Bonfim church, the Axe music houses, the beaches of Porto da Barra, Ondina beach, Itapua, Stella Maris beach, RIo vermelho beach and more...

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