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Sambadrome, Rio de Janeiro - Sambodromo carnival photo picture
Image: Sambadrome, Brazilian Carnival party
Rio de janeiro samba carnival girl on  float - photo samba
Photo: Samba rio carnival girls on a float - carnival Rio 
rio de janeiro carnival costume - photo pics
Photo: Rio carnival costume in red, samba school dress

Brazilian Carnival: pictures, images , galleries of the samba school parade in the famous Sambadrome, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


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Brazil holidays: Tips about hotels in Carnival

Rio Brazil carnaval: The most famous Carnival celebration in the world is, without doubt, the Rio de Janeiro carnival with the Samba School parade in the Sambodromo stadium. 
Glamour and samba in Rio...The groups are called escolas do samba (samba schools.) Carnival is truly a major event for which thousands of people prepare all year long to perform for about 45 minutes along the mile-long strip of a sambadrome or in the streets. Be prepared for sleepless days and nights, as the carnival partying is non-stop, be it in the streets, or at one of the many fancy dress balls, or in the famous Sambadrome (Sambodromo) watching the parading carnival groups with their extravagant costumes and floats.. With a stunning natural setting, Rio has over 20 miles of ocean beaches, which provide one of the best people-watching shows in town..

Brazil carnival : Rio de Janeiro carnival samba parade 

The Rio de Janeiro carnival is famous by the beautiful, stunning carnival girls and women in the Samba School parade. A lot of the carnival women are brazilian models. You must know that, many models, brazilian girls, actress are invited to the Rio carnival. Each Samba school has carnival floats with dozens of samba hot dancers, girls with body painting and ladies in carnival costumes (see the photos). Rio carnival 2012, Brazil will be on February 18 to February 20, 2012. The music of the rio da janeiro carnival is the samba, a music very fun, with energy of the drums...

The Carnival winnersí parade, featuring the top samba schools from all the divisions, will take place on the following Saturday. Besides of Sambodromo, you have a lot of carnivals balls, blocos street parades, totally free !!.Tips for getting a bargain price for Rio de Janeiro hotels: the first consideration should be booking in advance 4 months before, so you reserve the hotel for this celebration. Those visiting for the Rio de Janeiro beaches would be do well choosing hotels in Copacabana & Ipanema. . Brazil last minute flights can be found on TAM airlines,especially  November (book im Nov to travel in Feb) you save 25 % off .

Rio de janeiro hot carnival girl dancer
Pic: Rio carnival hot girl baby, Brazil 
Rio Janeiro hot women at brazilian carnival - dancer picture
Photo: hot rio carnival women at Samba school 

Brazil samba carnival babes: Rio de Janeiro carnval pic women
Brazilian carnival hot babes - rio carnaval 
brazil samba carnival


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