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Carnival in  Rio de Janeiro  2012: See the best pictures, photos and images !

If you say Carnival, then it is Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2012, Brazil the event you must assist. This year 2012, the brazilian carnaval will be held on February 18 to February 21, 2012. But the  "marvellous city" as Rio de Janeiro is known to its residents (or cariocas) has a lot to offer besides the carnival 2012: beautiful beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema, a major metropolitan centre, with all the facilities you might expect, excellent restaurants, sophisticated night life, charming bars, and more. Carnival Rio activities: If you are plannning to visit Rio during Carnival, be sure to arrive Rio 1 week earlier for more fun. The carnival festivities begins before and you can assist to carnival balls, blocos de rua, rehearsal in the Samba Schools and more !! 
This is, after all, the city that brought us the girl from Ipanema and all her friends. Rio de Janeiro, the world´s largest tropical city, is a mix of  with excellent restaurants, sophisticated night life, charming bars, musical extravaganzas, theatre, cinema, museums, art galleries and world-class shopping and sport, and a resort. See more travel reports about  carnival samba dancers, carnival samba queens, carnaval bikini  , horny girls and more

Carnival Rio de Janeiro 2012, Brazil :  One of the main event in the  Rio de Janeiro carnival calendar is the samba school parade or "Desfile das Escolas do Samba do Rio" in the Sambodromo (or Sambadrome). The famous carnival parade includes beautiful brazilian costumes, headwear, masks, carnival floats,hairdress,  hot carnival women, body painting, drums, samba queens dancing and much more. You can also find carnival stars like Tatiana Pagung and Sabrina Sato. The brazilian Rio  Carnival 2012, known as Carnaval, is an annual festival in Brazil held four days before Ash Wednesday.See more reports about  Rio de Janeiro 2012 carnaval, carnival girls, brazilian babes dancing samba, cuties of the Marques of Sapucai,  women , and more



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