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Hot fun with the rhythm of the samba.March 1-2-3-4, 2014

Be welcomed to the main celebration of Brazil:  the world-famous Carnaval (carnival in english). There a re different carnivals in Brazil, like the celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, Fortaleza, Porto Seguro,  Olinda, Florianopolis or Salvador  Bahia.  But the Rio carnival is one of the popular biggest carnaval parties in Brazil. The Brazilian Carnival,  is an annual festival in Brazil celebrated four days before Ash Wednesday. The Brazil Carnival 2014 is celebrated on March 01 to March 05, 2014.... 

Brazilian carnival woman in costume in Rio
Brazil Carnival sexy woman  Samba school
Carnival girl babe at Rio de Janeiro carnaval , Brazil
Hot Carnival girl in bikini costume Rio

Carnival 2014 news: Nayara, of Volta Redonda  RJ-the woman is chosen woman Globeleza of the Carnival Rio de Janeiro 2014
The brazilian dancer Nayara, of Volta Redonda, the new carnival girl was chosen Globeleza in contest promoted by the brazilian tv show "Fantastico". She obtained 53% of the public's votes.
The second woman was Camila, that was the 47% of the remaining votes for the carnival girl of brazilian TV OGlobo channel. 
The two carnival women  were chosen among three finalists for jurors Débora Nascimento, Serjão Loroza and Thiaguinho.
The Globeleza carnival girl is a famous tv star, who makes the tv spots for the carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2014. The most famous carnival Globeleza girl was Valeria Valenssa.
The Carnival women are famous by the beauty and perfect body (some carnival women appear in topless, some babes nude or semi nude). Topless is normal during the parade, some carnival babes show totally naked,but with a body painting.  The Samba Parade is held in the carnival stadium called "Sambodromo" -Sambadrome .
Carnival in Salvador 2014 news: 
the carnaval festivities in Salvador Bahia are different : there the foreign tourist can find the famous trios electricos , which complete one carnival circuit inside the city. You can find the famous "Cicuito Ondina", Cicuito Barra and more carnival venues. Afródromo, carnival parade of cultural representations of African roots, it will take the streets of the Salvador Bahia (brazil) circuit Osmar (Campo Grande) in three days. The features will happen in Sunday (March 2, 2014), Monday (March 3,  2014) and Tuesday (March 4, 2014), starting from the the magic of Brazilian girls dancing samba, nude women, naked brazilian carnival babes and more.
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brazil 2013 - sambadrome stadium Rio 2013
Rio Carnival Sambadrome stadium - picture
brazil carnival 2013 women at samba school

The carnival in Brazil is some of the events but famous and coloured of the world. The music of braziian Samba, is characteristic of the Carnival parties and fests. The best  samba dancers, are in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and these dancers shine in the famous parade of the schools of  samba, in the sambodromo, Rio. 


Copacabana. The carnival hotties females only in the Samba Parade.
The samba is a typically Brazilian rhythm, based on the sound of drums and with a frantic, hallucinating rhythm. 
Parade of Samba school Beija- Flor will have new and veteran artists of Sapucaí Avenue in the Sambadrome. News carnival 2014
When samba school BeijaFlor of Nilópolis steps in Marquês of Sapucaí, about 2:30 in Monday of carnival Rio de Janeiro 2014, it will be about to give beginning to a show so loaded of emotion and expectation as the first chapter of a soap opera of Brazilian TV. After all, nothing less than 50 actors, directors, comedians and journalists will inaugurate at the Carnival parade ground of Rio to honor the entrepreneur and director of TV José Bonifácio of Oliveira Sobrinho, Boni, plot of the samba school Beija flor.
Brazilian tv Stars like Toni Ramos, Vera Fisher, Lima Duarte, Laura Cardoso, Maitê Proença, Faustão, Antônio Fagundes, Glória Menezes and Tarcísio Meira are some of the guests of the Samba school beija flor de nilopolis with the theme "Boni" to compose the seventh allegory of the school, the float "Television. the emotion is in the air"


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Brazilian carnival: photos and images

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