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Dance with the rhythm of the samba.February 9-10-11-12, 2013

Welcome to the main event of Brazil:  the world-famous Carnaval (carnival in english). There a re different carnivals in Brazil, like the celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, Fortaleza, Porto Seguro,  Olinda, Florianopolis or Salvador  Bahia.  But the Rio carnival is one of the popular biggest carnaval parties in Brazil. The Brazilian Carnival,  is an annual festival in Brazil celebrated four days before Ash Wednesday. The Brazil Carnival 2013 is celebrated on February 09 to February 12, 2013.... 

Brazilian carnival woman in costume in Rio
Brazil Carnival sexy woman  Samba school
Carnival girl woman at Rio de Janeiro carnaval , Brazil
Hot Carnival girl in bikini costume Rio

The samba schools are vital elements of Rio Carnival. The "Escolas do Samba" are brazilian social clubs representing a particular neighborhood, usually a working class community of the slums (favelas). The Carnival girls are famous by the beauty and perfect body (some carnival women appear nude or semi nude). Topless is normal during the parade, some carnival babes show totally naked,but with a body painting.  The Samba Parade is held in the carnival stadium called "Sambodromo" -Sambadrome .
Carnival in Salvador 2013: 
the carnaval festivities in Salvador Bahia are different from Rio, there the foreign tourist can find the famous trios electricos , which complete one carnival circuit inside the city. You can find the famous "Cicuito Ondina", Cicuito Barra and more carnival venues. The Salvador Bahia carnival is celebrated on the streets.
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brazil 2013 - sambadrome stadium Rio 2013
Rio Carnival Sambadrome stadium - picture
brazil carnival 2013 women at samba school

Carnival Samba Schools Parade are at the center of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival . The samba schools entertain the population through samba nights and create a pageant for the Samba Parade.  Samba schools  have to pick themes, write music and lyrics (the samba -enredo), make carnival costumes and floats and practice all year around to succeed in the Parade at the Sambodromo stadium. 

Rio: Where to Stay during the carnival: 
The famous  Zona Sul (Copacabana and Ipanema area) is by far the most secure place to stay in Rio. It is by the sea and is the most modern part of the city. Copacabana and Ipanema together form a big stage offering a carnival fests at every corner. Leblon, being a bit more upscale is also an excellent location. The tourist looking for XXX action, naughty brazilian girls or  booty action  must to stay in Copacabana. The carnival hotties females only in the Samba Parade. Most hotels only offer a fixed-rate 4, 5 nights package during Carnival, against pre-payment, and these rates are significantly more expensive than at other times of the year.


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Brazilian carnival: photos and images

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